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M&A Advisory

EURUS GLOBAL PARTNERS ’s core activity is to identify, unlock and execute acquisitions, JVs, divestments and commercial alliances involving Asia.

Since 1996 we have advised numerous clients, both Western and Asian, on all phases of mid-sized international cross-border transactions including initiation of contacts, evaluation, negotiations, management of due diligence and final structuring. EURUS GLOBAL PARTNERS ’s professionals have developed extensive experience in handling the unique issues that arise from cross-border, cross-cultural M&A, such as:

  • Cultural sensitivities to the role of M&A in strategic development
  • Managing an M&A process in more than one language and across distant time zones
  • Divergent approaches to valuation
  • Managing due diligence in environments of sub-optimal transparency
  • Educating clients entering an unfamiliar jurisdiction
  • "Coaching" counterparties who have limited M&A experience
  • Ensuring that dedicated, senior “on the ground” resources are available at all times to our client

The strategic and financial value that can be unlocked through business combinations that bridge Asia and the West is often compelling. But any proposed transaction requires an experienced, independent advisory team which understands these divergent markets and the challenges faced in achieving a successful outcome.

EURUS GLOBAL PARTNERS is independent and is able to advise clients free from other commercial pressures and conflicts potentially faced by multi-product investment banks.

Corporate Restructuring

EURUS GLOBAL PARTNERS advises on cross-border corporate restructuring projects involving Asia

Our core corporate finance, valuation, and M&A and transaction management skills allow us to advise our clients on corporate restructuring projects. We can work on situations involving:

  • JV restructuring or dissolution
  • Independent valuation advice for creditors or minorities
  • Disposal of businesses and assets
  • Corporate finance advice to bankruptcy administrators
  • M&A solutions as part of corporate restructuring

Capital Raising

EURUS GLOBAL PARTNERS assists with the financing needs of companies at all stages of their development

Leveraging our extensive network of financial and corporate relationships to help companies raise debt and equity financing from the most appropriate sources, including private placement to financial institutions, strategic investors or private equity funds and Initial Public Offering (IPO). Acting as an independent advisor, we will work for the best interest of clients by selecting the best route of fund raising, covering:

Private Placement

Introducing investment from private equity, venture capital including growth capital for young companies, buyout funds, expansion capital/JV partners to support international growth and mezzanine financing for companies preparing for an IPO

IPO Advisory

We work with selected underwriters/brokers covering the key Asian, European and North American stock markets, to help companies to identify the optimal market for a listing and to successfully complete IPO and follow-on fund raising

Debt Advisory/Project Finance

Our experienced bankers help corporate raise project funding from banks and other sources of project finance, such as regional development agencies


We believe in providing our clients with accurate, relevant valuation services that draw defendable conclusions.

We provide valuation services across all industry sectors and specialize in projects in connection with:

Business Valuation

How much is your business worth? Whether you are contemplating a sale, involved in the planning of your estate or are looking to secure financing, Eurus can assist you.

  • Merger, Acquisitions and Sales

    We work with companies from the buy and sell side, assisting with complex merger issues such as valuation, transaction structuring, accounting and taxation.

  • Private Equity Capital

    Growing businesses with unique products and services often require outside capital. Sooner or later there is a valuation question from both the existing owners and the Private Equity investors. We provide valuation services to meet this need.

    We do more than just provide you with a number. Our comprehensive valuation report analyzes the economic, industry and competitive environment in which your business operates. We assess your companys financial strength and strategic positioning in order to provide you with an insightful report that fully supports our opinion of value

ESOP Valuation

For the purpose of payment of Perquisite Tax, we assist companies in obtaining Fair Market Value certificate of equity shares.

IP Valuation

Many situations require IP (Intellectual Property) valuation for an organization to make an assessment of their intellectual capital. Aarayaa's valuation services can assist organisation in this endeavor.


Private Equity

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